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Website hosting services

Our performance-driven website hosting services will help to fuel your online business. We have been providing an array of best website hosting services that include dedicated server hosting and shared hosting to help companies gain visibility in the Internet. Our best web hosting services allow you to maintain and manage your website in an efficient way. Our commitment to deliver best in class hosting services is evident from the fact that our clientele base crosses different geographical locations. You can swiftly upgrade to other hosting types without encountering any downtime or service interruption. Powered by top-brand hardware equipment along with certified technicians, we ensure hassle-free web hosting platform.


Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting makes a perfect choice for your business if you want to experience matchless website performance, data security and enhanced control of your computing resources.

Your dedicated server as the name implies, is dedicated to your business only and is not shared among multiple users. You can choose OS and hardware components according to your requirements. In addition you get management services that free you from the hassles of server management.


Email hosting services

Email hosting is one of the best ways to streamline and secure business communication process. Thousands of emails carrying confidential and sensitive information, land in their respective user mailboxes, every day. To protect these emails from hackers, spammers and to keep your emailing server up round the clock, our best email hosting services prove to be a best fit.

Our email hosting services include the two most pertinent and reliable emailing platforms – Microsoft Exchange Hosting and Zimbra Email Hosting services. With us, all your concerns pertaining to email security, speed, accessibility, and email server maintenance come to an end. Our email server hosting ensures unstoppable connectivity to your mailboxes.


Cloud Hosting & Storage services

Experience a robust cloud environment which is scalable, reliable and high-performing all at the same time. Our cloud environment is not just a group of servers. Our Expert Cloud Engineers render round-the-clock free architecture assistance for every single one of your accounts. With the help of our professionals, you can design aperfect combination of traffic management services backed by world-class computing resources, appropriate network and ample storage.

By leveraging the same, you also get to experience high flexibility because our cloud hosting offerings grow in-line with your business. Their expertise can help you resolve architecture relates issues like responding to alerts, scaling, monitoring and also running your cloud environment's administrative operations.

ColoAsia storage platform combines industry leading storage and networking hardware to provide an incredibly fast and reliable storage platform for your data. This flexibility makes our storage platform invaluable for hosting virtual machines in situations where single hypervisor failure cannot lead to application failure. The storage and network architecture used in our storage platform is certified for use with VMware/Citrix and virtually every other hypervisor product available on the market.


Disaster recovery services

Disaster Recovery is a process that facilitates a client to formulate mitigation and contingency plans for disruptive incidents, such as power outages, natural calamities, equipment failures, and cyber-attacks. The process focuses on technology or IT systems supporting business functions. It deals with security planning against occurrences that can put clients at risk.

Disaster recovery planning (DRP) is significantly important, both from regulatory and client service perspective. Sudden downtime and data loss are increasingly affecting businesses, as firms are progressively relying on complex transactions and client relationship software. This can be attributed to increase in data volumes and rapidly increasing our dependency on technology.